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New Idea
I use the app more than online banking and I'd like to see a list of direct debits there even if it's visual without the ability to cancel.
It would save having to log on both my phone and then again on the internet

I've been a current account holder with Nat West (or Westminster Bank as it was called then, prior to amalgamation with the National Provincial and District Banks) since September 1966.


As we're approaching my "golden" anniversary (subject to health and welfare developments of course)  I thought I would enquire as to the intention of the bank to recognise such long service.


I don't know if I am in a small group who achieve such a pinnacle as I hope to attain in 2016, or whether there are thousands of us.


Perhaps there could be a nice thank you for customers who display such unswerving devotion - just a thought - actually that's the first one I've had since I retired!


I'm so distracted now by this damned dribbling. Hope I get a new cardigan for Xmas from somebody.


Grasping old codger.




Status: Duplicate Idea

Thanks for the idea @Isle_c_u_again and hope you have a happy golden anniversary with us :smileyhappy: Thank you for sticking around, it's lovely to hear from you! 

We've got a similar post about rewarding long-term loyalty over here, so keep an eye (whether it's glass or not :smileywink: ) on that post for updates, and feel free to add on your votes and thoughts.


Loyalty Bonuses For Existing Customers Set At 10 Year Intervals

Status: New Idea
by bjumoja 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

Loyalty Bonuses For Existing Customers Set At 10 Year Intervals


Why Not?


1: Loyalty Bonuses could include rate reductions or special rate reductions that you keep (on top of the standard amount)

2: Special rates for savings, rates that you keep on top of the normal interest rate.

3: Have lists of gifts to choose from with reward thankyou cards? IE: Aftershave, Tablets, shop tokens, a years free insurance.


Im sure other people have many other gift ideas. Maybe they gift should improve/get better for ever 10 years you have been with the bank?


Im sure the bank is making money of us all, give a bit back.


NatWest calls the customer

Status: New Idea
by MW 2 weeks ago

It would be good to have two way security verification. When NatWest calls they ask for identification verification but how do we know it is a genuine call?


Could customers log a number, word or phrase on their account profile from which two random characters would be displayed to the NatWest caller who would give these to the customer they are calling.


This way both parties can verify the other is genuine.

Would you be able to put a list of all NatWest phone numbers on the NatWest website in the support section?


Numerous posters on this site have questioned the validity of numbers they have been asked to phone. Therefore to see the number on your website would ensure that callers would know that the number was legitimate.


An example of this is the NatWest Secure debit card number. 0870 010 4542. I cannot find this number anywhere on the website but having phoned it I know it is a valid number.


I have also seen this number discussed on internet sites with many posters advising that this number is a scam.


Personalised Cards

Status: Duplicate Idea
by Youles 2 weeks ago

I have seen a few posts saying that people want personalised cards. I would love to see this aswell! Barclays offer this to anyone no matter their age. If a grown man wants a picture of a cat on his debit card they why can't he?



Status: Duplicate Idea

Thanks for your comments @Youles meow! :cathappy: We've already got a discussion on this suggestion here - sadly it's not something our Cards Team are currently looking to implement, but feel free to add in your kudos and comments to support the idea for when we next review our cards :smileyhappy:


Contactless payments?

by JamesL 4 weeks ago

The Natwest app is BRILLIANT - particularly the recent addition of PayM support. However, I wondered if you're likely to add 'tap and pay' contactless payment support?


This has been supported by Android for over a year, specifically through their Host-based Card Emulation APIs. It also already exists in the UK market, with EE offering a 'wallet' app with this functionality.


Visa and Mastercard already support this and they direct customers to contact their banks about their plans for this technology. So - what does Natwest have planned in this area?


Single login for all NatWest sites

Status: New Idea
by RG 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

Have NatWest any plans for a single login for all of their sites? I currently have separate login identities and passwords for all of the following:


  1. NatWest Online banking
  2. NatWest Credit card services (1st credit card)
  3. NatWest Credit card services (2nd credit card)
  4. NatWest Cashback Plus
  5. NatWest Your Points
  6. NatWest Secure - Personal account manager

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when my new cashback plus credit card was automatically added to my existing debit card cashback plus account.


Support for Apple Pay?

Status: New Idea
by BenWoodford ‎10-09-2014 10:25 AM - edited ‎10-09-2014 10:28 AM

Seeing as this was just announced yesterday, I imagine it's not been discussed internally in large amounts yet. But seeing as it seems the banks need to support the payment system for you to be able to add your card to Passbook, I'd really like to see Natwest do it. And as it uses TouchID, can we please not have the £20 max spend when using Apple Pay as it's more secure than contactless cards?


It may well be supported out of the box because of VISA with no work from Natwest needed, but best put the idea through sooner rather than later.

I think Natwest should send you a text/email/ voicemail if a transfer of money does not go through when using mobile payments. I tend to use mobile banking app and the text on the statements are very small to read so it is easy to miss when a payment does not go through.

I think it would be a great idea to show NatWest charges and fees as morning entries along with all other pending debits thus giving customers an opportunity to transfer funds into their accounts. At present only pending debits are reflected on our account summaries each morning Natwest charges or fees are not.


So if you recieve an email telling you to correct your account and move back within your agreed limit before 2pm you could think you have corrected your account with a credit transfer only to find out the the banks charges and fees (no shown anywhere until after they have been debited) have put you back over your agreed limit.


Natwest need to sort this out. 




drop down list of payees on mobile app

Status: New Idea
by PH68 on ‎09-11-2014 10:46 AM

Hi, I have a lot of payees on my business account and I find the mobile app very useful for both business and personal transactions, but it would be useful to be able to locate a payee from a drop down list as opposed to scrolling through them all, when there's 200 or so to go through it can take a while.


Is this a potential development?

It would be very useful if online statements showed the payment references that you assign to the payments and not just a 'call reference' which means nothing to the payer.


This is particularly frustrating when making multiple payments to the same person and trying to re-trace what each payment was for. Other banks show the payment reference in the payers statement as well as the payees statement. Why are Natwest so behind the times?

What with iOS8 coming out very soon, I'd love to see TouchID become a login method for the mobile banking app now that 3rd party apps can use it. It's far more secure to be touching the home button than typing in a passcode that someone could view over your shoulder, and way more convenient.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time

Hi Ben, That's a great idea - thank you! We’ve been reviewing the Touch ID solution with great interest and exploring the most secure way of offering this to our customers, so we'll keep you posted. 


Payee reference editable for each payment

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
by davss on ‎02-04-2014 11:45 AM - last edited on ‎19-05-2014 02:21 PM by Community Manager

I have a payee that make periodical payments to and it's very time consuming to have to go to payee in order to change reference each time I make payment. It should be an editable field during payment allowing you for example to put a new invoice number that changed.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time

The editable payee reference is absolutely on our radar and 'in the queue' - it's just really difficult because is a big change to the way Online Banking works. It is something we are looking at, but it is difficult to put a timescale on as it requires reprogramming lots of systems such as telephony and core payments.

Just to reassure you, we are working on it still as we know it's a top suggestion, but please keep your feedback and Kudos coming so we can pass this on!


Pending transactions new idea

Status: Under Review
by RG ‎22-09-2014 10:36 PM - edited ‎23-09-2014 02:07 PM

Members have been asking for a list of pending transactions for a few years now and we are told that it is big project and cannot be done quickly.


Whilst it is being worked upon, would you be able to show the total of all pending transactions somewhere in online banking and credit card services?


This should be quite easy as it is just an arithmetic calculation based on the figures already displayed. Even better if you could display a sum of all pending debits and a sum of all pending credits.


Yes, I know I can get a calculator and do it myself but it would be so much easier if this was already provided by NatWest.

Status: Under Review

I have two NatWest debit cards, which were both replaced at nearly the same time, at their normal renewal.  I nearly put one through the shredder thinking they were duplicates, but then found out it's only when you peel them off the paper backing do you find out which account they are for.  How about making this visible immediately, outside the area of the card?


It's also very easy to use the wrong card for a transaction, so I put a plastic label on one to warn me (with a descriptive word I hasten to add, not the account number)

Status: Accepted
Hi @cookies, thanks for your post. If you call the Telephone Banking team, they can issue you a new card with an added narrative of your choice to help you identify it. Hope this helps :smileyhappy: 



To make it clearer where transactions took place, why not GeoCode ATMs (and later POS locations) so that line items of statements can be selected/highlighted and maps available showing not only when, but specifically where transactions took place.  The same database could potentially be used for nearest ATM searches within the App/Online Banking.



Status: Under Review

Real-time transactions????

Status: Under Review
by emma2014 on ‎25-06-2014 01:08 PM

Hi Natwest, I have a really straightforward question:


when are real time transactions going to be re-instated???


If we had never had this functionality, then fair enough, but having had it and then it being removed, feels like a huge step backwards in customer service.


When real time transactions were in place, I understand (from your previous responses) that you were receiving a large number of calls from customers who queried their balance, hence the change in functionality.


I would be really interested in understanding how many calls you now receive from customers querying which transactions are making up the difference between the headline balance and the available funds? Have you just moved the number of calls from one set of customers to another??

Status: Under Review


Status: Duplicate Idea
by JayJayAlam on ‎16-11-2014 04:57 AM

It seriously cannot be that difficult to let customers personalise their own debit cards?!..


I am probably the only person in our family who has a plain horrible looking bank card and YES..HORRIBLE!! Natwest hasn't changed their card design for years..


I am VERY SURE everyone would pay the fee of £5 if they could have their card personalised..


Amazing that full-time employed adults are unable to do this but Natwest allow this to their Adapt customers (11-17year olds)?!?!


All you tend to see is someone from Natwest replying 'sorry we are unable to do this right now' (just as frustrating as being put on hold when you call in)..



I have been a loyal customer for many years which is turning out to be pointless...simple things as such as having your own design on your own bank card is incapable even though Natwest have the facilities to do this!!!! REALLY FRUSTRATING!!

"The problem with loyalty to a cause is that the cause will always betray you" ~ LOCKDOWN





Card Holders Name + Account Number + Sort Code + £5 Fee = Personalised Card...
 every other Bank offers their customers!

Status: Duplicate Idea

Thanks for your feedback @JayJayAlam We've already got a discussion on this suggestion here - sadly it's not something our Cards Team are currently looking to implement, but feel free to add in your kudos and comments to support the idea for when we next review our cards :smileyhappy:

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