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New Idea

I think it would be a great idea to show NatWest charges and fees as morning entries along with all other pending debits thus giving customers an opportunity to transfer funds into their accounts. At present only pending debits are reflected on our account summaries each morning Natwest charges or fees are not.


So if you recieve an email telling you to correct your account and move back within your agreed limit before 2pm you could think you have corrected your account with a credit transfer only to find out the the banks charges and fees (no shown anywhere until after they have been debited) have put you back over your agreed limit.


Natwest need to sort this out. 



It would be very useful if online statements showed the payment references that you assign to the payments and not just a 'call reference' which means nothing to the payer.


This is particularly frustrating when making multiple payments to the same person and trying to re-trace what each payment was for. Other banks show the payment reference in the payers statement as well as the payees statement. Why are Natwest so behind the times?


Support for Apple Pay?

Status: New Idea
by BenWoodford ‎10-09-2014 10:25 AM - edited ‎10-09-2014 10:28 AM

Seeing as this was just announced yesterday, I imagine it's not been discussed internally in large amounts yet. But seeing as it seems the banks need to support the payment system for you to be able to add your card to Passbook, I'd really like to see Natwest do it. And as it uses TouchID, can we please not have the £20 max spend when using Apple Pay as it's more secure than contactless cards?


It may well be supported out of the box because of VISA with no work from Natwest needed, but best put the idea through sooner rather than later.

A Natwest Forum APP would be handy, what do you think?

Status: Sorry, we can't do this right now

Thanks for your interest in this @RG and @Bjumoja :smileyhappy: At the moment we're just going to stick with the mobile optimised version of the forums, as we're still quite small. It's definitely something we'd be interested in doing though, so we'll keep the idea on board for our future plans!


Pending transactions new idea

Status: Under Review
by RG ‎22-09-2014 10:36 PM - edited ‎23-09-2014 02:07 PM

Members have been asking for a list of pending transactions for a few years now and we are told that it is big project and cannot be done quickly.


Whilst it is being worked upon, would you be able to show the total of all pending transactions somewhere in online banking and credit card services?


This should be quite easy as it is just an arithmetic calculation based on the figures already displayed. Even better if you could display a sum of all pending debits and a sum of all pending credits.


Yes, I know I can get a calculator and do it myself but it would be so much easier if this was already provided by NatWest.

Status: Under Review

What with iOS8 coming out very soon, I'd love to see TouchID become a login method for the mobile banking app now that 3rd party apps can use it. It's far more secure to be touching the home button than typing in a passcode that someone could view over your shoulder, and way more convenient.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time

Hi Ben, That's a great idea- thank you! We’ve been reviewing the Touch ID solution with great interest and exploring the most secure way of offering this to our customersost secure way of offering this to our customers, so we'll keep you posted. 

I think being able to see direct debits that have been recently set up is a briliant idea. 


Currently we can only see 'new' direct debits once the first payment has been collected.


Is there any plans in the future to enrol this? 


Are there also any plans to be able to view direct debits on a mobile device via the app?


Status: Duplicate Idea

Great idea @TheStevieGee, thanks :smileyhappy: We've already had this one submitted, feel free to add your votes and comments on here. We are also working on the Direct Debit functionality in the Mobile App too!

Is it possible to display a warning 30 seconds before online banking times out.


A pop up dialogue box with the following message would avoid users having to log in again:


"Online banking will close in 30 seconds. Please click here to keep your session open".

Status: Duplicate Idea

Great idea @RG ! We've currently got a similar post going here about having a longer time delay, or a reminder pop-up instead - as you suggested. It's something we're looking into, so you can keep an eye on the status of the idea on the link above, and feel free to add your thoughts and kudos.



To make it clearer where transactions took place, why not GeoCode ATMs (and later POS locations) so that line items of statements can be selected/highlighted and maps available showing not only when, but specifically where transactions took place.  The same database could potentially be used for nearest ATM searches within the App/Online Banking.



Status: Under Review

Payee reference editable for each payment

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
by davss on ‎02-04-2014 11:45 AM - last edited on ‎19-05-2014 02:21 PM by Community Manager

I have a payee that make periodical payments to and it's very time consuming to have to go to payee in order to change reference each time I make payment. It should be an editable field during payment allowing you for example to put a new invoice number that changed.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time

The editable payee reference is absolutely on our radar and 'in the queue' - it's just really difficult because is a big change to the way Online Banking works. It is something we are looking at, but it is difficult to put a timescale on as it requires reprogramming lots of systems such as telephony and core payments.

Just to reassure you, we are working on it still as we know it's a top suggestion, but please keep your feedback and Kudos coming so we can pass this on!

Having several times in the past few weeks used an ATM in branch to withdraw cash (customers are urged away from the use of cashiers towards the ATMs for this), and having received amounts around £200 in £10 notes, which was unsuitable, meant having to then spend time to talk to a human being to exchange the notes for more suitable denominations (such as all £20 notes).


It would be very much more convenient if at the point where cash is about to be dispensed, that the ATM could offer to change what the machine was about to choose for the denominations. If for example the machine had no £20 notes left, and could only offer £10 notes then it could have a line saying "£200 as 20 times £10 - accept?" - and at that point the customer could click "yes" to go ahead, or "no" to change to a different combination of notes. Even better, if the ATM had no £20 notes left in its supply, then it could say so on the screen before the customer even put his/her card in the slot, and thereby save the customer's time and frustration at the ATM and go straight to the cashier instead.


It would not be difficult to have a small on-screen menu for the number of £20 notes wanted by the customer before cash is dispensed, and let the ATM then choose the remainder for example.


In the situation I described at the start of this post, the suggestion above would have saved me time, but also saved the cashier's time in getting me the desired mix of notes, leaving more time for the cashier to deal with other customers with issues that could not be done on an ATM.


The other scenario is when customers lose faith that the ATM will give a sensible combination of notes for a cash withdrawal, and go straight to the cashier as the preferred choice, and ask for specific sets of notes for a cash withdrawal. Having the ATM with a bit more flexibility in its software design would save everyone's time - both the bank and the customer. I know that in the USA there is a new range of smart ATMs being rolled out that will have more capability than the standard ATMs but before the new range of ATMs comes in to service, presumably in the UK also, perhaps the existing ATM system code could be changed to accommodate a smarter way of issuing cash?

Status: Under Review

When moving house, putting in mortgage applications etc companies often require a proof of address which can be a bank statement or utility bill.  This is always really annoying for me because I try and do all my banking etc online, so I never have paper copies.  These companies often do not accept PDF printed statements. 


It would be great if for those people who use online banking there was an option to order a single paper statement.  This would have meant I would not have had to contact Natwest to request one.  A simple time saving idea!!



Would it be possible to increase the size of the payee reference field? I’ve been asked to include a lot of information in the reference for an online payment, which I can’t fit in the current field. They say I have to include it or their system won’t work, so it’s not clear how to make the payment. I have another account where the payee reference field is much larger, I’ve never managed to fill it all.




Real-time transactions????

Status: Under Review
by emma2014 on ‎25-06-2014 01:08 PM

Hi Natwest, I have a really straightforward question:


when are real time transactions going to be re-instated???


If we had never had this functionality, then fair enough, but having had it and then it being removed, feels like a huge step backwards in customer service.


When real time transactions were in place, I understand (from your previous responses) that you were receiving a large number of calls from customers who queried their balance, hence the change in functionality.


I would be really interested in understanding how many calls you now receive from customers querying which transactions are making up the difference between the headline balance and the available funds? Have you just moved the number of calls from one set of customers to another??

Status: Under Review

Two-Factor Authentication using the Mobile App

Status: Duplicate Idea
by BenWoodford ‎10-09-2014 10:37 AM - edited ‎10-09-2014 10:37 AM

Let's face it, nobody likes the card reader we have to carry round for online banking. You want banking to be easy, not require lots of fuss. So a way to generate those codes on your phone would be great, it doesn't even have to be via the same app. You'd give it your details, maybe a passcode if you must (or TouchID for iOS!) and then it gives you the code to give back to the system.

Status: Duplicate Idea

Thanks for the great idea Ben! We've got a similar idea already on this, so you can track its status over here - feel free to add on your Kudos and comments :smileyhappy:


Real Time Debit transaction

Status: Duplicate Idea
by kanyarat on ‎27-07-2014 09:37 PM

Hi, i have raised this issue more than once, as i feel that the real time transaction should be re-instated, in this day of age, we should be able to know what's going on in our bank account, imagine we have made a purchase, wait for another day or 2 for the debit transaction to complete, what's if that transaction went wrong and we as a customer would like to find out what/where and when the money gone out.


Status: Duplicate Idea
You can track the status of this similar idea over here: Feel free to give it a thumbs up to give it some support or add your comments in.

Colour coding my online statement

Status: Under Review
by strangeFrame on ‎26-09-2014 10:40 AM

I would like to be able to associate a payee or a type of payee with a colour background so I can quickly look through my statement and see each payment with different background colours to quickly see in which areas I have spent my money.

So for example, I want to mark my utilities payments with red, my cashpoint withdrawls with blue, petrol with green and groceries with yellow. Once I mark a payee with a color any new payments to and from that account should be labled with the same colour.

If you could automatically detect say cashpoint withdraws, then I would like to be able to label a cashpoint group with a colour, rather than labeling each cashpoint I use as it comes up.

Status: Under Review

When I look at online banking all I can see is 'NOTEMACHINE 01MAR' that doesn't tell me anything. If I made a few cash withdrawals at different places I want to know which one is which.




01MAR Nationwide Chelmsford

03MAR Natwest Gatwick

Status: Coming Soon
Hi missvictoria, This is a great idea, thanks for your feedback. It sounds really useful, so we’d like to take this forward, and it is something we have in the pipeline for statements in the future. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments. What does everyone else think? Pop some Kudos on if you think it would be useful for you too...

Are there any plans to upate the designs of the NW debit cards for both Silver and Platinum account holders, I have both a Platinum account and a basic select account and it is difficult to differentiate between the two.


Back in the days of the Advantage Gold account we used to get Gold coloured cards, for £16 p/m I would expect something a little better than a standard purple card which is issued to everyone...



I am writing to tell you of a particular frustrastion which I am sure you could easily resolve.

I have never understood why I have to go all around the website to find the fixed rate ISA rates being applied to my various accounts. Surely, as you get with other providers, that information could be detailed in the acount detail option? Fixed rate ISAs are a particular problem, as not included on the interest rate sheet/window along with cash ISAs.

I just think your system knows what kind of account it is, when it was opened and what rate is being applied so it should be very easy to include this what ever the savings account in the account detail for the customer. Save a rather circuitous trail by us to find out. It is just too difficult and frustrating. Time to catch up with other providers I think. Thank you

Status: Coming Soon
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