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New Idea

Show 'Active' Direct Debits

Status: New Idea
by LinkTen Saturday - last edited Tuesday by Community Manager

Currently, your internet banking only shows Direct Debits that have been debited at least once. It does not show 'active' Direct Debits (i.e. have been set-up, but not debited yet).


There is no reason not to show 'active' Direct Debits, and it's a security risk as customers would not be able to identify a fradulent Direct Debit until at least one payment has been taken.


To clarify: Show Direct Debits online as soon as they are set-up, not when the first payment is taken.

Status: New Idea

I have a payee that make periodical payments to and it's very time consuming to have to go to payee in order to change reference each time I make payment. It should be an editable field during payment allowing you for example to put a new invoice number that changed.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Thanks for your feedback on this Davss, it certainly is a very popular idea at the moment. After speaking with our Online Banking Team, I can tell you that this is something we have in the pipeline. However, it's a big project, so we don't have a timescale available to share at the moment. Who else thinks this is a great suggestion? Give it some Kudos and we'll see if we can hurry it forward!

Loyalty Bonus for Existing Customers

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
by RG on ‎19-03-2014 04:50 PM - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Are you considering any new savings products that would offer higher rates to existing customers?


New sidebar popup - very annoying

Status: Accepted
by ruthcumbria 4 weeks ago - last edited a week ago by Community Manager

Please can you stop the new sidebar thing that keeps popping up to the right of my screen when I access my account. Thank you. It's very distracting and not 'helpful banking'.

Status: Accepted
Thanks for your comments ruthcumbria :smileyhappy: We’ve modified the help panel in online banking so once you've clicked close, it won’t pop up again on the page you’re viewing – hope this helps!

As I get older the delay before the online banking times out seems to be getting shorter.


Is it possible to put a tick box on each page that will reset the timeout delay, in the way that navigating away from a page does?


If this is not possible, then perhaps the period left before timing out could be displayed.


Or perhaps the computer could beep when only 30 seconds remain.


Having to log in two or three times in the same session is not my favourite pastime, nor incidentally is finding an American spell checker on a British bank website.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Great suggestion lagopus :smileyhappy: This is a new idea, so let's see how much Kudos it gets from you guys, and then we can see how popular it is to take it forward!

When making a payment could there be a field where a payment  reference could be entered - such as the invoice number?


Currently using the Ref field on the Payee screen.....

Status: Duplicate Idea
You can track the status of this similar idea over here:

When I look at online banking all I can see is 'NOTEMACHINE 01MAR' that doesn't tell me anything. If I made a few cash withdrawals at different places I want to know which one is which.




01MAR Nationwide Chelmsford

03MAR Natwest Gatwick

Status: Coming Soon
Hi missvictoria, This is a great idea, thanks for your feedback. It sounds really useful, so we’d like to take this forward, and it is something we have in the pipeline for statements in the future. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments. What does everyone else think? Pop some Kudos on if you think it would be useful for you too...

I've just received a LETTER informing me that there is a £6 charge due to a failed scheduled payment. I'm not complaining about the charge, because it was my fault.


Is it really necessary, however, in this day-and-age, to send me this sort of thing ON PAPER?!


I was already aware of the charge because I'd received an email about it, and confirmed it by looking at OLB.


I really don't need to be told twice, Natwest. I am using ONLINE BANKING and have signed up for paperless. Quite apart from the fact that it's cost NatWest some 30p so send this letter, it's a security risk (because the postman will occasionally drop things on the pavement), and it comes so late, I'm left wondering whether this is in addition to, or a repetition of, another charge notification.


Status: Under Review

I find the Nat West system very cumbersome compared with others that I have used. I do not understand why it is necessary to use the card reader twice in order to change the reference for a new payment. If the payee is already approved, surely it should be possible to change the reference without the use of the card reader (as is the case with at least one other major bank). The whole point of a reference is that it is specific to that payment - if you don't go through this rigmarole then every payment to a particular payee has the same reference, which is NOT helpful!

Status: Sorry, we can't do this right now
Sorry that you're finding this frustrating, but thanks for giving us your feedback :smileyhappy: nidO and Richard_8 are correct in the reasoning behind this current functionality - it's all for security. I've been told by our Risk Team that currently our system won't recognise any differences in amendments (whether it's a payment amount or reference change), so it will require the extra security of the card reader. Our Online Banking Team are looking into how we can change this in the future, so I will keep updating on here if there's any movements.

In Online Banking on Account Summary my available balance takes account of pending transactions but my balance does not.


Can you add a section somewhere to show the balance including pending transactions?

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Thanks for your comments RG, this is definitely a popular topic. I've spoken with our Online Banking Team, so I can report back and let you know this is something we are working on currently. However, as it is such a big project, involving quite a few teams; I can't reveal any time scales for this development yet. If everyone else thinks this would be a helpful feature, we'd love to see your Kudos and comments, which we will pass onto the OLB team :smileyhappy:

Have available through the online bnking facility all the formal correspondance letters that the bank posting to its customers. For example, loan application responses, overdraft confirnation letters and anything else that the bank wants to communicate through post. The size of the documents is really insignificant nowadays if saved in pdf format, but that should reduce volume of calls of customers requesting copies of old letters or confirmation letters.



Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
by AJ on ‎06-03-2014 03:48 PM - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Quite some time ago we were promised some new savings products , any progress please. The bonus ended on the e saver last month and so far nothing else available.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Thanks for your comments. As part of our plan to become a more Helpful Bank we are looking to review our savings offerings in the future; we want to look after our existing customers and ensure that they are offered the best deals possible. We will keep you updated once we can reveal our future product details.

Paying in Cheques at the Post Office

Status: Coming Soon
by IanN on ‎12-03-2014 07:29 AM - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Why are NatWest one of the few banks that you can't use the Post Office to pay in cheques into my Current Account? When you live a long way from a NatWest Branch using the PO instead would be so much easier - and it would help keep the smaller community PO's open by giving them support.

Status: Coming Soon
Hi IanN, thanks for your post. We have some good news - this is one of the processes we are currently working on! So from later this year NatWest and RBS customers will be able to make deposits or pay in cheques at any of the Post Office’s 11,500 branches. You can already withdraw cash and check your balance at the Post Office, but this extra functionality will be coming soon! We'll keep you posted on when this is due to go live :smileyhappy:


Currently if I want to see a list of pending transactions on my account, I have to go onto live chat and ask them to provide me with a list of them. This really should be viewable from within online banking. Halifax accounts for example have a list of pending transactions that can be easily viewed. I would consider this to be essential for modern day banking and I'm surprised it's not already a feature. It's quite annoying to have to go on live chat to figure out why my balance and available balance doesn't add up properly.

Status: Duplicate Idea
You can track the status of this similar idea here:

Is it possible to be notified via email, app or text when money is paid into my account? Some sort of 'you have funds' type notification. I know that security concerns probably wouldn't allow the actual amount to be mentioned but maybe the person/company paying the money could be.  

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Great idea simbuck00, our Mobile Team really like this one :smileyhappy: As Richard_8 says you can set up text alerts through Online Banking, but it would be good to see this on the app too! We'd have to look at implementing Push technology to the app, so we'll take some time to research this further and let you know what’s possible. Will keep you updated!

Having a single reference attached to a payee at times can be inflexible espcially when you are making a payment for something small like a contribution to a meal or holiday etc. I feel it would be of benefit if the payee reference could be changed at the time of transaction without a card reader or alternativly have an additional free-text field which only the sender can see for the transactions, a kind of comments section.

Status: Duplicate Idea
You can track the status of this similar idea over here:

Cash ISA with an Increase in interest rate after 12 Months

Status: New Idea
by RG on ‎23-03-2014 06:45 PM - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

With the new £15,000 annual allowance for Cash ISAs how about an instant access Cash ISA where the interest rate increases every 12 months for the sum that remains untouched.


Saturday Opening - web site info

Status: New Idea
by rcmwilson on ‎22-03-2014 10:37 AM - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Hi, you have a great search engine for letting you know which branches are open on a saturday - the only problem is that it is wrong. 

You select "saturday" and yet the results list a whole load of branches not open....


Please fix it, otherwise the service is next to useless (e.g. Look at the Strand, London opening hours, and search results)


many thanks!


0 Kudos

Looking at the number of viewers, posters, ideas etc it would appear that not many people contribute to the IB.


How well advertised is it? Where is it advertised? I found it purely by accident.


If one logs in to OB it's not shown on any screens and I would imagine that's what most people do online with NW. I've also never seen any posters in any branches, it's never mentioned in your TV adverts.





0 Kudos

NW please increase the number of characters allowed to be greater than 18 when setting up a new payee. It just isn't enough to type out a full company or individuals name.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Thanks for your suggestion Missvictoria. We are looking into how our payee fields work at the moment; from how it works with the card readers, to the amount of characters in the box. Our Online Banking Team don't have any concrete dates for this yet, but I'll pop an update on here when we've got some more information.
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