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New Idea

Why are you still using this archaic thing? Is it like a requirement by law? 


In my polish bank I just get a text message with a code to confirm an operation I want to do on my account. It's so much easier and I don't have to think about where the card reader is. And another posititve is if my phone breaks I can move the SIM to another one and don't have to wait 7 days to get a new one ( card reader) so that I can pay my rent.


Have a think, be progressive. Make people's life's easier!


Would be great if you could choose which account to use for get cash

Optimise for iPhone 6

Status: New Idea
by woto Thursday
When are we going to see this app optimised for iPhone 6 & 6 plus, these phones have been out for quite some time now, before you know it iPhone 7 will be here I wonder if then they will optimise it

Great new mobile banking update allowing users to see direct debits and standing orders.  It would be a great idea to be able to delete cancelled direct debits though so that they no longer show up.  Especially as some companies change the reference which then will give multiple direct debit lists for potentially the same direct debit in the customers eyes.


Even better news is the fact that the sign up process has changed from 11 screens to 7 and allowing access during account opening.


It also now allows Get Cash with a balance of £10 which will suit a lot of childrens accounts or people who haven't got a large balance on their account or aren't willing to transfer funds from their savings etc.


It would be interesting to see how many people would like the ability to delete those Cancelled direct debits, even if it means signing into online banking to do it.


Looking forward to the next iPad update to see what becomes available on there!

I just received an automated call from Nat West enquiring about possible a fraudulent transaction.  The message rapidly read out the 0800 number to call and then promptly hung-up.   Not giving nearly enought time to take down the number.


The message should either A) repeat the number, more slowly at the end of the message

or B) allow you press a number to repeat the phone number.


There's no way any human could memorise the number from that call.

Hi. I am going to number this to make the points clearer. Assume that the user has clicked "Statements" on the left menu.

  1. When you select an account, there is an annoying refresh and then you need to click Next. Either go directly to that account when it is selected (best option), or do not refresh the screen, but wait for the person to click Next.
  2. Even worse, when the "View Statements" list is displayed, each possible statement is underlined. This is the accepted visual clue to it being a link, but it isn't. You still get the annoying refresh and then need to scroll down (below the fold) to see the View Statement button.
  3. I actually needed the Statement of Interest, and it took me 3 goes to see the other tab. Please make the tabs more obvious to the user.

pop ups

Status: New Idea
by cd 4 weeks ago

I find it very irritating when the pop up keeps appearing when I am trying to do something on the site asking me do I need help.  If I need help I am perfectly capable of asking for it.

Remove fixed-width styles

Status: Coming Soon
by Sonic on ‎30-01-2015 11:03 AM

The fixed-widths on the current design is absolutely horrific and makes things very awkward to look at across the entire site on a larger screen and makes the statements almost unuseable.


E.g. on my 1920x1200 screen the statement box is 533px wide, with the rest of the content having a fixed-width of 971px... This means only half the page is actually being used, and with it being left-aligned it looks rediculous. When you scroll down on a statement you just have a narrow box using 1/4 of the width of the page.


On a 27" imac screen the resolution is 2560x1400 meaning that the entire width of the page would only fill appox 1/3 of the screen with the rest being a nasty brown-colour and the statement would fill only 1/5 of the page.... that's completely crazy in the 21st centrury!


Ideally you should have a responsive design that changes the display, position and size of the content based upon the size of the browser that the user is viewing the page in... that's what the rest of the internet is trying to work towards.


That, or have a scalable design with percentages so that the content size scales to the user screen more effectively.


In its current state the new design is a massive step back in terms of usability because of this and i think id actually prefer to use paper statements again!

Status: Coming Soon

Thanks for the suggestion @Sonic Our Online Banking team have taken on board all the comments around this, and it's planned into one of the releases later this year so it will be fixed. We'll keep you posted on any firmer dates through the Community & Ideas Bank :smileyhappy:

At one time we had "Download Transactions"

That changed to "Export Transactions" but still opened the "Download Transactions" page.

That then changed to "Export/Download Transactions" and still opens the "Download Transactions" page.


The only reference to "export" is as text on this link, never on the subsequent pages.

I realise the bank is exporting data, but from the customer perspective, we are downloading or even importing ... never exporting.



This is a simple request to allow us to enter an invoice number at the time of making a payment.  


We do not want to go to another page and 'amend payee details'.


We simply want to enter an invoice number at the payment stage.  This is what barclays and HSBC and most other banks allow users to do.


Below are two images.  


Image 1 is a screen print of how barclays do it.

Image 2 is a screen print of Natwest can do it.


Image 1 



Image 2 



Please note this is not a request to amend payee reference details but a specific request to allow us to enter invoice numbers to assist businesses reconcile payments to invoice numbers


Thank you  

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time

I've fed this back to the Online Banking team, and they are aware that there are more improvements to make to the payments process, however eliminating the card reader was just one of the first small steps. The larger improvements to the payments process will take much longer to complete, but rest assured - they are being worked on.


We will be tracking and reporting the feedback to the team, to help it's prioritisation on the development list, so feel free to add your votes and comments :smileyhappy:

Faster access to statements

Status: New Idea
by bob-bob on ‎19-03-2015 06:25 PM

When you click on ''View full statement'' under one of our accounts, what you want is to view your full statement for that account (as the button says). Why then are we interuppted by the screen ''View your transactions'' sceen which asks for which account and what period we want to see the transaction. IT should be defaulted to the current account the user was viewing and all historical transaction. The option to then select a different period could be at the top of the page. This would make everything much faster for everyone.


I would also suggest inverting the 'View full statement'' button and ''View account information'' button as I always end up clicking on view information when it is really a stement I want. I am sure the statement button is more useful and should come first.

In this internet age the concept of 'statements' is obsolete. Why does NatWest feel the need to send me irritating emails every month telling me that a non-existing 'statement' is avaialble. I can visit the Natwest on-line banking site to view my account activity any time I wish.

Please provide a way to stop these emails.

Arrange a customer vote on the new online banking site

Status: New Idea
by RG ‎17-02-2015 12:43 PM - edited ‎17-02-2015 12:47 PM

I am sure we would all like to know what everyone thinks of the new design for online banking.


Yes, the feedback is all negative, but people don't rush to give good feedback.


Can you arrange an online vote or survey to capture a balanced view of user opinion?


Oh, and yes, this would be very useful information for NatWest to have:smileyhappy:



As of late, I've been searching fairly regularly for a budgeting tool to manage my finances but the ones I've come across are either riddled with adverts or unnecessarily complicated.


I'd love to see a tool/app created by Natwest for Natwest customers that can be connected to my bank account(s) for hassle free management of my money. Maybe it could be an addition to the existing app so available on mobile devices.


I think it would be a great help to be able to buy something on my card and have the transaction (or figure, at least) automatically entered into a monthly budget so I can keep a better track of what's going out, when and how much I have available afterwards.


Hopefully I'm not alone in this. :smileytongue:



Status: We're looking into this, but need more time

Hi @Jaffs You're definitely not alone with that suggestion! Sounds like a great idea and would help a lot of people get organised with their pennies :smileyvery-happy: It's something our development teams are looking into, so we'll reveal any updates as soon as we know more - watch this space...

Hi. I've read lots of stories of people who have made internet banking payments to the wrong account because they've mistyped the 8 digit UK account number. These incorrect payments are hard to retrieve because the banks regard them as 'correct' payments.


Why doesn't the NatWest website allow UK payments to be made using the IBAN as the account identifier (as an alternative to the 8 digit number). The IBAN is check-sum protected, which will allow incorrect account identifiers to be detected immediately. Users then have a choice: continue to use the 'old' number and risk payments going astray through keying errors, or use the IBAN and ensure that the identifier is never miskeyed.


I would have thought that the change to the website would be fairly simple, and NatWest could promote it as a safer way of making UK payments.

Editable line in statement description

Status: New Idea
by tianorth on ‎09-03-2015 05:32 PM

Is it possible to have an editable line in the description on statements so that customers can add their own description to help remind them who/what the transaction was for?

Support for Apple Pay?

Status: Sorry, we can't do this right now
by BenWoodford ‎10-09-2014 10:25 AM - edited ‎10-09-2014 10:28 AM

Seeing as this was just announced yesterday, I imagine it's not been discussed internally in large amounts yet. But seeing as it seems the banks need to support the payment system for you to be able to add your card to Passbook, I'd really like to see Natwest do it. And as it uses TouchID, can we please not have the £20 max spend when using Apple Pay as it's more secure than contactless cards?


It may well be supported out of the box because of VISA with no work from Natwest needed, but best put the idea through sooner rather than later.

Status: Sorry, we can't do this right now

This is a really cool suggestion guys :smileyhappy: Unfortunately the Mobile Team don’t have any plans for Apple Pay at the moment, it's something they will keep reviewing though for the future. Keep your comments and votes coming though, we will feed these back to keep the team updated on your thoughts!

Monthly Budget and payments

Status: New Idea
by Jam15 on ‎25-03-2015 07:00 PM

Hi I find the online banking useful for monitoring how much is in the account and planning a rough total amount of money required for the month.


I thought it might make it easier for people who have set paydays to be able to log in and within their main account to set money asside, for payments they know will be going out within the next month or two, so that they know they are able to meet that payment when it is taken. The avalable balance could then show what the person has available for the month without worrying about the direct debits ect. as they would be accounted for.


I feel this would also be useful to extend to cheques so that you can assign an amount in the same way as above to a cheque number on the online banking, this would mean you knew the amount was accounted for in your account incase the person recieving the cheque doesn't bank it for 3 weeks or so when it could have been used on something else without meaning to. If there was a discrepancy between the amount put asside and the amount on the cheque this could then be taken from the remaining amount not previously accounted for in the account.


I believe this would be benificial for everyone to manage their money more safely and efficiently


Thankyou for reading 



Payee reference editable for each payment

Status: This is Live!
by davss on ‎02-04-2014 11:45 AM - last edited on ‎19-05-2014 02:21 PM by Community Manager

I have a payee that make periodical payments to and it's very time consuming to have to go to payee in order to change reference each time I make payment. It should be an editable field during payment allowing you for example to put a new invoice number that changed.

Status: This is Live!

We're really pleased to announce that this is now live in Online Banking! We've had lots of feedback from you about wanting to be able to change a payment reference without needing to use a card reader.

So can amend the payee reference in the 'Payments & Transfers' area, whenever you need to - without the card reader :smileyvery-happy:


You can see more about this announcement here, and we'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts :smileyhappy:

bank statements

Status: New Idea
by adib on ‎23-03-2015 10:37 PM

Make it possible to find out when next paper statement is due. Also, statement "go  paperless" screen does not allow you to set the status to its existing value. Instead,  it says that you should change the value. This means you are stuck on that screen.

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