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New Idea

It's very simple, I'd like to be able to register to receive an email or sms whenever money is paid into my account. I'm baffled as to why this option doesn't already exist. I work as a freelance contractor and I am forever having to log in online to check whether invoices have been paid. It would be a hell of a lot easier if there was a system to automatically notify me whenever there is an incoming transaction.

That is all.

However Natwest representatives confirmed on Natwest's official Twitter account that the service will not be available at launch!




Googling Ändroid Pay Natwest shows links to pages in this site, where Natwest replied to say that Android Pay was not available in the UK therefore it could not be offered.


Well, Google has launched the service and there are several partner banks in the launch including Nationwide, HSBC, Lloyds, however no NatWest!




So NatWest is discriminating, saying that Apple customers are more special than Android users.


Either offer mobile payments to both platforms or none!


I feel absolutely outraged that I will have to move bank because NatWest is licking Apple's behind, and because of this inconvenience so I can get Android Pay which is really important to me, I will NEVER forgive NatWest and once I leave I won't come back.


Either offer Android users the technology or I'm sure that I won't be the last one to leave this bank.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time

Just updating the status of the idea with our current update on this, which is although we won’t be introducing Android Pay at launch, it is our intention to introduce it, and we'll make an announcement about our involvement as soon as we can.   


I realise it's frustrating waiting for further information at the moment, but thank you for your patience so far. Also, thanks for the feedback that you've been posting, all your comments are being passed onto the mobile team.






When I first login to online banking, I have to enter my 10 digit customer number.  On my browser, IE 11 on Windows 10, the field is only 9 characters on the screen, which means I have to scroll through it to check I have entered it correctly.  Could the field be extended please?

24/7 banking

Status: New Idea
by appbank on ‎10-04-2016 04:00 PM

Why cant you process payments 7 days a week 24 hours a day. 


I dont mean why arent branches open - i mean why cant you process a payment on a Saturday or Sunday - why are there still bank holidays. All the processes are automated anyway - why does a direct debit due on a Saturday or Sunday have to wait until a Monday. Its so old fashioned. Banking really needs to be modernised.


Hello Everyone!

This is a suggestion and hope you reply with your thoughts.

When you pay with your debit card, the money is normally earmarked (set aside) and removed from your available balance until it clears off your account balance and appears on your statement a few days later.
I was thinking, cause some other banks are now introducing this and would love NatWest to do the same.


Okay to the point... Create a section on online banking and the mobile app which shows us where you have paid using your debit card. A pending transactions screen.

It would save a call to the bank to ask them.


It's a good reminder cause a receipt may not always be available.

You can see if there is any fraudulent transactions been made against your debit card before the money clears.


Another one I find annoying is when companies take a card verification penny or pound to check the cards authenticity.

At least that would show up too!



Yes or No?


Please leave your comments.





Real Time Banking - Real Time Balance

Status: New Idea
by appbank on ‎10-04-2016 03:52 PM

Not pending, not available, not closing.


Literally i want a bank that can tell me my balance instantly up to date up to the second.


If i've used my card multiple times in a day or over a weekend i dont want to remember every single transaction including amount.


I expect to log on and see every detail instantly, not for the balance to change with no details, not for pending payments and not for nothing to show for several days - even contactless payments - how difficult is it to get a machine to update data continously.


I've read that some transactions are offline etc but its an excuse, change your rules or working practices and force merchants to provide you with the information - it's not acceptable in 2016 for a balance to be days out of date.


What about adding to an account the option to set set a time limit where you can only spend a set amount of money. For example you are going to a shopping centre and know you can be quite bad with overy spending. In the app you could choose what time you will be there (I.E. 1pm until 5pm) and then a spend limit (£200). If you try and use any extra money it could decline and you get a text or push message saying you are trying to over spend and the only way to reset you limit is by logging onto your mobile banking online (not through the app) and changing it there.

Stolen Credit/Debit Card?

Status: Under Review
by liaback on ‎29-01-2016 03:20 PM

Good afternoon,


Imagine if your debit or credit has been stolen or has gone missing. How great would it be if you had the ability to put a block on your card using the Natwest Banking iPhone/Android app. So if you ever have your card stolen or lost you can quickly and securely log into your app, block the card and either order a new one or unblock the card if you recover/find it.


For those people who have contactless cards, obviousley if they're stolen the offender has the ability to spend £30 on that card without having to use a pin code. The feature that I am describing would allow you to turn off that contactless feature and not worry about loosing money.


Hope this all makes sense, if not let me know.




Alexander Liaback

Status: Under Review

Hi @liaback thanks for your suggestion, that sounds really handy Smiley Happy I'll feed this back to the mobile team so they can discuss it in their development meetings and we'll come back to Ideas Bank when we've looked into its feasibility. Some good comments from other customers on this too, so give it a vote if you'd like to see this idea too!

amendments to online banking features

Status: New Idea
by shabeermiah on ‎22-03-2016 11:44 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have the follwoing feedback that I want to give for the online banking and for online banking payments to make our life easier and less confusing:

1) while we looking at the list of payments on the online banking statement, right next to the payee, there are lot of random numbers which dont make any sense to us instead of providing the reference number that we used to make this particular payment. For example: 22124317108316000N, this number on my statement doesn't make any sense to me.

2) while we want to change the payment reference, we need to go back to the manage payee section and do the amend payee, to change the reference numver for this payee, instead why can we not do the amendment of this payment reference while we are doing the payment to the particular payee.

I am hoping you are going to take this feedback on board and hopefully soon, I will like to see these amendments.

Many thanks for your kind co-operation,

Yours sincerely,


Would be nice if the mobile app shows the pending payments on account as I get a lot of balance and available balance but no visibility of what is pending.  Also would be nice to see my overdraft included in my available balance, I have seen these as part of the halifax app and would love to see them included in a future update as this feature alone makes me want to switch banks so I can see this tye of information.

The location within Online Banking of the pre-advice of charges and interest is not immediately obvious. Today I received an email informing me that there were some pre-advice details available for my account. However, the email did not give clear details about how to find this information.


Could I suggest that:


  • the email notification details are amended to make it clearer how to find the pre-advice section
  • the Online Banking site is changed to make it easier to find this kind of information - e.g. add a Notifications section that can be reached with one click from the Account Summary page
  • or both

No links in e-mails from NatWest

Status: New Idea
by SteelD on ‎13-02-2016 03:38 PM

We all know that it is so easy to spoof e-mails and there are so many messages flying around purporting to be from banks and building societies that we are advised not to use such links in case they aren't what they seem.


So why does NatWest persist in sending e-mails with links in them? It just makes the situation less than clear. By all means tell people about updates to your services but please don't embed links. All it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration and the recipient might be responding to a spoof e-mail that looks like NatWest and be logging into a spoof site just waiting to grab their login details.


If you take security seriously and know how sophisticated scammers are these days, don't confuse your customers. Be clear - either don't e-mail them or don't embed links. The less money lost through scams, the lower the banking costs will be for everybody.


Thank you



We get regular screens which come up when we log on to say do we want to go paperless - this is for business as well as private and we are a business customer. Actually these pop-up screens are quite annoying because their default is to make you go paperless.


Nat West doesnt have numbered statements available on their website. We need numbered statements to reconcile the bank statements with our acounting system and to keep proper books and records - auditors like them. We are not going paperless for this reason. If you provide numbered downloadable statements you might find more customers happy to go paperless which will reduce your costs.


In addition there is the convenience for us the customers of helping ourselves to missing statements. I have one company where i am missing three statements and I have asked Business Support to get duplicates but they appear unable to. They push whatever button they have to... to order the missing statements and three weeks later we get a single unnumbered bit of paper covering the period of the missing statements. It's not what we asked for, and of course I am perfectly capable of getting that from the website. Is this an unusual request? I doubt it. HSBC and Lloyds have numbered downloadable statements on their websites.

View full statement control buttons

Status: New Idea
by AlanD on ‎06-01-2016 09:53 AM

When I view a full statement I invariably want to see everything I've called up and there are usualy multi pages. 


I find it frustrating having to scroll to the bottom of the view to select All.


Could the control buttons be duplicated at the top of the page as well as the bottom?



References for all payments

Status: New Idea
by ghesp on ‎15-01-2016 12:58 PM

This one is a fairly simple request I think, other banks do it so why not Natwest?


I've got my list of payees setup, however I can only set the reference when setting a Payee up.  What if I wanted to pay Joe Bloggs for Window Cleaning and then later on for a Birthday Gift.  The only way I can change the reference is to create a new payee, rather than entering a reference when sending the payment.


It's very misleading when all my transfers to my joint bank account show up as "Credit Card Payment" when infact, only 1 transfer a month is related to it!

Why do we need  a 'Beep' or Bell 'Ting' sound when Online & '59 seconds left' message appears on screen?


This is because otherwise we are too often logged-off without a chance to  'click' on 'Continue' and remain logged-in.

(We are usually checking paperwork, and not the screen, when this pops up on-screen, and auto-logs us off).

Why do I have to take action to get my rewards into my account. Its a total waste of my time. Your competitors don't expect this. If it a joint currnet account. why not let either party have control instead of one person when you've never asked who. If I had known that it was this crude I on't think I would have bothered to sign up. Its enough to make you want to swap banks!

Status: Can you give us more information?

Thanks for all the comments on this so far. We've opted for the 'collect' rewards option, so that it gives customers the choice on how to spend their rewards how they wish, and there's options to save them up, trade them for rewards, or donate to charity. Seems we've got some division on this one, so I'd love to hear from more people so we can get a better picture of it's popularity -  so get voting or sharing your thoughts Smiley Happy

Pending Payment - stop it disappearing!

Status: New Idea
by mikek13 on ‎07-01-2016 09:27 AM

once a payment has been set up it is visible as a pending payment until 1600 on the day before it's paid.  After that it  doesn't appear anywhere until the following day when it shows up in the statement as paid.


This has more than once led me to wonder if I've forgotten to set the payment up, when checking in the evening the day before it's due.


Why can't the system still display it as pending right up until the time it's paid?




Mike K

Why do I need 4 usernames and passwords to access my online banking, my Cashback plus account, my Natwest rewards and even this user forum? It's very frustrating to keep having to remember different usernames and passwords and keep logging in and then relogging back to online banking.

Please do everyone a favour and make all these resources accessible from the online banking portal under the same username / password......please...

While I find the site as a whole really easy to use, the one improvement I would really love is the ability to be able to see a payees payment history when I am trying to check on whether or not I have already paid a listed payee. Could we please have a button under the 'View Payee Details' that would call up a list of payments made to them over the last month/6 months/year? This would make checking previous payments a snip rather than having to manually search through pages of statements to see whether or not I have already paid them, have they really slipped through my payment system un-noticed?


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