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New Idea

Paying off a Natwest credit card balance should be instant. No ifs or buts.


If I pay off an MBNA balance via my Natwest account I get an email almost immediately to say that I have paid it and an update on the MBNA site to say the payment is recevied.


If I pay off my Natwest VISA I get No_thing. No email. No instant update on the website. Zilch. Seriously?

That's my first idea and I think most people would rather like it....

Not being able to paste into the account number field when making a payment in the iOS app greatly increase the chance of making a mistake. It makes no sense to disable this standard feature.


Status: New Idea
by peterx Saturday

Not so long ago you got a statement whenever you asked. Perhaps you still can if you receive paper statements. Why can't we ask for a statement whenever we want through internet banking? Actually I never download statements so I would be saved the unncessary emails telling me my statements are ready.

Good afternoon,


Imagine if your debit or credit has been stolen or has gone missing. How great would it be if you had the ability to put a block on your card using the Natwest Banking iPhone/Android app. So if you ever have your card stolen or lost you can quickly and securely log into your app, block the card and either order a new one or unblock the card if you recover/find it.


For those people who have contactless cards, obviousley if they're stolen the offender has the ability to spend £30 on that card without having to use a pin code. The feature that I am describing would allow you to turn off that contactless feature and not worry about loosing money.


Hope this all makes sense, if not let me know.




Alexander Liaback

Status: Under Review

Hi @liaback thanks for your suggestion, that sounds really handy Smiley Happy I'll feed this back to the mobile team so they can discuss it in their development meetings and we'll come back to Ideas Bank when we've looked into its feasibility. Some good comments from other customers on this too, so give it a vote if you'd like to see this idea too!

credit scores

Status: New Idea
by citizensmith 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

credit scores you should be able to get your credit score from your Bank.


Support section/ FAQs

Status: New Idea
by picaJB 3 weeks ago

I think someone in your webmaster unit needs to re-think the Support / FAQs design.


The search logic is poor, such that a relevant potential answer is not provided and it still needs a lot of searching to get to the answer. Which you don't, sadly.


Perhaps my question is too difficult?

Why do I have to take action to get my rewards into my account. Its a total waste of my time. Your competitors don't expect this. If it a joint currnet account. why not let either party have control instead of one person when you've never asked who. If I had known that it was this crude I on't think I would have bothered to sign up. Its enough to make you want to swap banks!

When a Customer is attempting to access their online accounts, it is ESSENTIAL that they are NOT distracted by irrelevant information/activities!


To be distracted, in this way, increases that chances of errors &, generally, makes online Banking more irritating!


All too often, I've been PREVENTED from accessing my online accounts until I've read (& acknowledged) some information that is TOTALLY irrelevant to the task in hand! All too often, out of frustration, I eventually tend to "click", without adequately digesting the "alleged" advice/information, simply so that I can continue with the task in hand!


If NatWest wants to supply its Customers with Advice/Information, distracting them during an online Banking Session is simply NOT to way to do it.


Hence, PLEASE keep such irritating distractions to an ESSENTIAL minimum!!




This may have already been asked but can we setup multiple payment records to the same payee but with different tittles and references.


I ask this as a lot of my credit cards that I have, the companies have now merged so each time I pay a card I have to delete the existing record and create a new one from scratch as I need a different name showing on my statement [we can already change the reference].


Their bank details are all the same - just the title and reference needs to be different.


Thanks for your help.

This one is a fairly simple request I think, other banks do it so why not Natwest?


I've got my list of payees setup, however I can only set the reference when setting a Payee up.  What if I wanted to pay Joe Bloggs for Window Cleaning and then later on for a Birthday Gift.  The only way I can change the reference is to create a new payee, rather than entering a reference when sending the payment.


It's very misleading when all my transfers to my joint bank account show up as "Credit Card Payment" when infact, only 1 transfer a month is related to it!

Pending Payment - stop it disappearing!

Status: New Idea
by mikek13 on ‎07-01-2016 09:27 AM

once a payment has been set up it is visible as a pending payment until 1600 on the day before it's paid.  After that it  doesn't appear anywhere until the following day when it shows up in the statement as paid.


This has more than once led me to wonder if I've forgotten to set the payment up, when checking in the evening the day before it's due.


Why can't the system still display it as pending right up until the time it's paid?




Mike K

View full statement control buttons

Status: New Idea
by AlanD on ‎06-01-2016 09:53 AM

When I view a full statement I invariably want to see everything I've called up and there are usualy multi pages. 


I find it frustrating having to scroll to the bottom of the view to select All.


Could the control buttons be duplicated at the top of the page as well as the bottom?



Why do we need  a 'Beep' or Bell 'Ting' sound when Online & '59 seconds left' message appears on screen?


This is because otherwise we are too often logged-off without a chance to  'click' on 'Continue' and remain logged-in.

(We are usually checking paperwork, and not the screen, when this pops up on-screen, and auto-logs us off).

While I find the site as a whole really easy to use, the one improvement I would really love is the ability to be able to see a payees payment history when I am trying to check on whether or not I have already paid a listed payee. Could we please have a button under the 'View Payee Details' that would call up a list of payments made to them over the last month/6 months/year? This would make checking previous payments a snip rather than having to manually search through pages of statements to see whether or not I have already paid them, have they really slipped through my payment system un-noticed?


Bigger Bolder Tick Box

Status: New Idea
by Meltemi 3 weeks ago

Imagine small rectangle here right up agaist the left margin


Message: Please select this box to acknowledge this notice.

Another visually impaired issue...

Is there any chance that this stupidly small statement and its equally stupidly small tick box at the bottom of "important messages at login"

Could be made larger? Bolder? Indented in to the right? In the centre?

As I have a Rewards current account, I would like to see my rewards balance within my Online Banking account. Logging in to a different MyRewards page every time is really a nuisance.

Status: Can you give us more information?

Thanks for the idea @subarup1 You can already see a rewards balance when you're logged into online banking, however this wouldn't include any pending rewards (which you would need to log in for). Does this help, or is it that you'd like to see more about your rewards in your online banking log in area?

Since you only allow accumulated payments of £20000 per day, and I think these are governed by a 24 hr clock, please add the time a payment is made to my online statement

Reference internal transfers

Status: New Idea
by Amyrd1 on ‎07-01-2016 12:04 PM

I have a number of accounts; a current account, one for bills and one for savings. When I go shopping for food etc I use my debit card for my current account and transfer the money from my bills account


It would be so helpful if I could add a reference to my internal transactions as it would help me keep better track on my spending

I spend most of my year overseas (in fact my overseas address is my account address) and get really frustrated at the lack of email communication available.  Why can we not select select our preferred means of communication on our account preferences?  eg: telephone, SMS, snail mail, email and then be able to receive all official communications via that method?


Given the time difference I need to deal with, this would solve my biggest frustration.  Today I received a letter from your Fraud dept.  It took 8 days to get here - imagine what could have gone on in that time period had the usage been fraudulent rather than my own?  An email of the same content could have dealt with it on the same day.



When NatWest notify that a bank statement is ready the PDF document is never initially available, which is frustrating because you then have to keep re-checking, and also one can not print out fom the standard transactions display withour copying into a WORD document first.  Display the PDF document straight-away please.

Status: Duplicate Idea
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